Help how do i make my object move with the curve and stop distorting

So this is what I got.

(new users cant put pictures for some reason wtf, imagine a chain like object with a curve on it)

And when I move it, this happens.

(imagine a chain like object distorting rather then moving with the curve)

I followed this guys tutorial exactly and everything worked up until the last step at 7minutes in.

Learn how to create procedural chain links in Blender - YouTube

I don’t know what is wrong or anything, I don’t know anything. I did everything the exact same way he did. The only thing I noticed is that in his video when he brought his curve in, it came in with arrows on it. When I brought my curve in, mine didn’t have arrows on it. I don’t know if that’s relevant but I tried to search how to get arrows on my curve and it either didn’t work or I didn’t do their steps right. I’m not smart enough to figure it out on my own by searching on google. Please help!

Okay now its letting me put pictures for some reason. that is what is happening ^^^

Hi, a few things to check.

1 apply the scale and rotation to both your curve and chain object.

2 uncheck the deform options in the curve properties shape section. Culprits probable radius or stretch.

3 The "arrows are the normals of the curve, to see them you have to enable them in the overlay options.
if you chain is twisted adjust the “mean tilt” of the curves vertices, you will see that as you adjust the arrows (which are the normals of the curve) the chain will twist/untwist.
If you want all the chain to be straight adjust each vertices tilt angle one by one to be the same, once they all have the same tilt value, select all the vertices at once and adjust the general tilt to your taste.
The tilt angles depend on how you modify the curve.