HELP! how do i make wind animation?

Hi. I want to make an animation of wind in some grass (i am using an empty), but have no idea. i have never animated before. can someone help?

Just move the empty like you would any other object.

Oh, and if you don’t know what to do with the empty, in the buttons window, go to object, physics, Fields and Deformers, and practis with that.

what do you mean “move” it? just move it and render the animation?

First follow this tutorial: , an don’t try to export the render, it does a horible job of telling you how.

Then for some more information, watch this movie,

Then, have you done particles before?

Oh, BTW, this is in the wrong forum, isn’t it?

There is a grass tutorial that i followed once somewhere in the forums. I think the thread title is simply ‘grass tutorial’. It also had instructions later on how to animate it with an empty.

Edit: a search for ‘grass tutorial’ will give you the thread. It is 5 pages long, was started by Imperitor.