Help! How do I undo a disaster?

I was working so eagerly on this character, modelling it, and then, suddenly I by accident pushed the bottom Spin, and then extrude in the mesh tool panel , my model suddenly looked like hell in object mode! so I tried to undo with CTRL + z, but after 3-4 clicks, it wouldnt undo it anymore.
This happened some hours ago, I had to just close down Blender without saving the file
But when I opened up Blender again, it had strangely enough saved it! so it still looks awful in object mode.
Now, I believe there is a dash of hope that I will be able to fix the problem if you help me, because it is ONLY in object mode that the character looks like hell, in EDIT mode it is not destroyed.
So how do I reset the standard settings so that the object view will look like the EDIT mode??? :mad::mad:(if possible???)

If you attach your blend others can then more easily see what your problem is.

Would selecting the mesh in edit mode, and hitting “shift d” to duplicate it, followed by “p” to separate it work?

Incredible! It works, I don´t why, but this way it works:p:p