Help! How do i UV unwrap?

hi guys im having a problem i know i have to use the U key to get the uv unwrap stuff like that but when i press the U key these open :

Make Single User

Object & ObData
Object & ObData & Mterials+Tex

im using blender 2.53 beta version if you dont know what i can do pleas just tell me where i can ahnge the hotkeys pleas help im mixed with all these buttons and stuff thanks.


I haven’t used that version of Blender (I have Blender 2.49b), but you have to be in edit mode (tab to be in edit mode) and press A to have all of the object selected so that it turns pink and then press U to unwrap.

Hope that helps! The options you get when you press U is what I get when I am in object mode, so just switch to edit mode.