Help: How to Create An Animated rope that has some Stiff parts (moving)?

I would like to create a Flag with more details on physics - that is, it is attached to a rope but the rope also has some knots which will not deform when i add cloth simulation to it. How would I do it. I already seen a tutorial but it lacked the knots and also some solid metal components on the flag.

here’s the tutorial:

Hi, can you post a closeup screenshot of the knots, it could be that there is other options for creating the knots to deform as well as the rope.

something that has knots like this:

but if i model it, i’m thinking it will loosen if i apply cloth simulation?

You could make the knot and metal parts as a separate objects select all the vertices and pin them to the rope like he did with the flag, that should stop them deforming.