Help how to fix the elbow pop in and out?

how to control the elbow ? without moving so unrealistically ?

its seems hard to control with the ik pole target
any idea?

if you use IK bone contraints, for each bone of your IK chain you will get in the Propriety Panel - Bone Tab - Inverse Kinematics section ; some interesting options. Have a look in it

so i need to lock one of the axis? and what you mean by
this ik chain is the yellow ik bone?
thank you

you can lock up to 3 axis if you want. But its not only about locking entirely an axis , but more limiting the range of rotation values (in degrees) . The Stiffness value is also an interesting feature.

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ok thank you
i will try and we will see :slight_smile:

You can set IK Properties for any bone in the IK chain, not just the one with the IK constraint. Make sure your chain length is correct first though.

Cheers, Clock.

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unfortunatly i didnt get it :frowning:

it seems nothing change in my animation the elbow doesnt moving smoothly :frowning:


sorry for answering late. Make sure you are understanding what you are doing on a more simple model/exemple . Most of time people are trying to learn something on a specific thing which will bring everything down.

  • Don’t forget that an IK system is more stable on bones which are already almost good in their position (if you try to drag a bone chain with IK 180° away from inner positon, cannot garantuee the result/stability) So it’s good to apply time to time visual transform in your animation (the effective position of ur bone = the position you see) and keyframe it

  • Play with the Stiffness parameter . And limit the rotation values… Carefull, the IK system might find a weird solution if you make much weird limitations.

  • In the IK bone constrain settings, be sure what you are doing : activate “rotation” parameter (i like it) , use of a secondary target object (to help you control the free y axis) …

Use a more simple exemple to be sure you mastering the technic.

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also, better you show a little picture, gif or even .blend when you encounter a serious problem. You will get far more precise answers

ok i find the way with the streching bones which i think its the best solution
and of course locking the ik axis the y and z axis
but yeah i need better understanding of the stiffness and the rotation axis how they work,
some video tutorials will be more helpfull i think

? the stiffness and rotation axis limits are very easy to understand. Better avoid stretching, it will make it weird.

For each axis, you can limit their rotation from ( min -180° and max + 180° = totaly free ) until (-0° and +0° = completely locked )

Ok thank you
I will look into it
Because not every rig come with the streching bones