Help! How to make a rope pulling object animation to this model?

Hello guys!
i need some help.
how to make the yellow rope pulling the front arm goes up and down?
also, when i move the body forward the wheel track won’t follow. how to fix this?

I suggest you watch all three of these videos by Index3d…they are the best I have ever found to answer questions as you posted.

i just found a new way, but only one more step to make it happen.
this one below. how can i make the red rope in the middle to be stretched back and forward, where it is attached on both arms (rear and front arm)?

Are you adding a cloth or soft body to the rope to get a simulation and sag or does it remain stretched between the arms? For just that I would probably just set the Min and Max distance of the arm movement and scale the rope and just add a keyframe for location and Scale.
In cloth simulation, you would need a larger tension factor… to keep it stretched between the arms…

i already finished it. i just use shape key.
here : Bucket Wheel Excavator

I saw you solved this but it looked like an interesting challenge. This may work as well. Just grab the pull-in-x object and move in x to see stretch on stretch object.

The stretch modifier is driven by the x location of the pull-in-x object.

To edit the driver conveniently right click on the driven property and select edit driver.

pull-stretch.blend (913.3 KB)