Help, how to make this great scene?

(isus) #1

Hello people, I would like to get some advices on how to do great interior scene? This is just low samples render preview (800 samples). App

reciate all advices!

(smilebags) #2

It looks really nice!

It isn’t over-done which is great. You’ve used good scale for every object and the modelling looks believable. Materials look accurate, but maybe a little ‘flat’ (reducing the roughness of some materials might help).

Lighting and composition will really help this scene to work well. The light is very soft, but having a slightly harder light (it looks like there is direct light outside, you might try copying the direction and intensity of that with a sun lamp) and some secondary lighting like the inside overhead light would help.

Once you are happy with the materials and lighting, find a good composition. Consider leading lines (edges of walls, top of couch etc) and symmetry as some basic guidelines.

Well done, I like how this is looking!


A small critique I’ll give you is, the couches have very sharp edges. Dosn’t feel exactly realistic to me. But otherwise looks quite nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

(isus) #4

thank you sir, will use your advice and try hard :slight_smile:

(isus) #5

now they are strangely subdivided, I’ll see if I can do them any softer. thanks :))

(Grzesiek) #6

the only thing that I can see outside the already mentioned is that the rug looks flat.

If it is a simple texture on a face, i highly recommend you try microdisplacement. This will give it some depth.

(Grzesiek) #7

And just noticed the light switches. Currently they blend so much into the wall that I totally didn’t see them. Are there two? (unless it is a render glitch) If there are two, then i’d also move them slightly further away from the door frame. like 5-6 inches - 15-20cm… maybe a tad lesss…

(Grzesiek) #8

and if indeed they are switches, i’d move them a tad higher. generally they shouldn’t be in the same heigh as the door handle. At least in Poland, so it might be different where you live…

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hey there !

If you want to make the scene great just select all objects and press s to scale them up with a big number :wink:

naaah just kidding.

You did a lot of stuff well, pretty good models etc - but the first thing that hits me is the shot framing. Take a look at some good interior photography (magazines or online services, pinterest or whatever) and try to take a closer look at the composition.
Also the lighting seems quite flat and boring.
Are you using HDRI and portals ?

Soon I’ll be releasing a series of tuts on interior visualisation (I am working on it now)
so you are welcome to have a look, and perhaps you’ss find some good tips there to improve…

Jarek D(DJ)

(C_Campbell) #10

Some ornamentation. Potted plants. Pictures sculpture. A coffee table a flower arrangement. A guardians of the galaxy poster. Right now when i look at it i want to go outside where it is green and it looks like there’s something going on. Perhaps just look at some images of interior decorating for reference. You are definitely on the right track just need to spice it up some.