Help, how to model an Orc or something similar?

Hi Guys,

for my hobbie-project I’m trying to create an orc model, similar to the Uruk-Hai from lord of the rings, but I just can’t get it done. I have some big problems when I try to get the right shape of the body. The goal is to get it in a bulky form but I just can’t get it right. Whenever I try, it becomes pretty pretty sharp and doesn’t get close in the direction I want it to look like.
Since it is for a game I’m trying to do it as a low-poly model.

If somebody has a good tutorial or some basic tipps on how to model a bulky avatar, (without sculpting if possible) that would make me very happy.

My experience in character-modeling is pretty limited, till know I have done several tutorials from Sebastian Lague and also that “Beginner Course” from Riven Phoenix.


Proportional edit, Scale or Grab/Move vertices in edit mode can be considered sculpting too. I can not think of another method changing shape of free form object. Forget about therm, just do it :wink:

To quickly come up with some sort of base you could try Skin modifier: model some sort of stick figure in edit mode using one vertex of default Plane and Ctrl-LMB add needed edges (extrude edge from selected vertex), then add Skin mod an Subsurf, all still in Edit mode. Untick Limit.Selection to Visible (right of Vert/Edge/Face icons). Now you can select some vertex and make skin bigger or smaller at that place by Ctrl- A and move mouse. Sculpt in a sense. Move verts, scale Skin points. Sculpt.
Now if you come across something you like while Skinning you can use this as a base and improve on geometry (it can be a bit twisted sometimes).

Hope helps.


Hey eppo,

thanks for your answer.
I gave it a quick try right now and it is fantastic :smiley:
That piece of information wasn’t quiet what I was looking for but it really gets me forward. AWESOME!
I will sit down now and fiddle around with this feature .