HELP!! how to put my finished 'movie' onto a disk, so it can be played in a film form

I’ve just finished making a short animated movie. I’ve seperated it into scenes, but i don’t know how to join them into a ‘movie’ and present them in a film format. i.e neatly and all together. i also need to add black outs between each scene. please help me! it’s kind of urgent.

First off DO NOT POST THREE THREADS ABOUT THE SAME TOPIC even if it is urgent this will get you nowhere.
Go here and read and you should be fine:
and following pages

have you rendered out the different scenes yet? if so, you need a video editor… windows movie maker would do for simple tasks like joining a few scenes together

Use the video sequence editor in blender to put together your scenes. And render them out as frames as explained in this part of the manual

oh bonus, so you mean I dont have to use that microsoft rubbish editor anymore

Study up on the sequence editor and that’s probably correct. Personally I prefer Blender’s editor to a lot of other ones I’ve tried. Not that you have the time, but when you do, you might check out this tutorial. It’s good for teaching you the basics of the editor.