Help: How to weight paint mesh with loose parts?

I’m getting a weird reaction on the buttons and belt’s pin. as seen on the pictures below, they were dark blue at first, but when i move the controls they are not affected, they just stay in place and not deform. but when i painted them red, they deform but look ugly and it makes me soo sad like the pictures below: :frowning:

HI, when you paint the weights in the area where the belt buckle and buttons are use wireframe x-ray view then you be able to see the vertices that are not weighted.

hi there, thanks for the reply, can you please look into my blend file and fix and re-upload it? i really don’t know what i missed. thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, i did look at your file. the belt wasn’t 100% weighted to the spine.
The lower shirt buttons stretching deforming because the spine-003 that they are weighted to is not rigged properly and there for is starching.
Here is a link to the file with the weight fixed:

thanks :slight_smile:.