help: how would i...

make a person walk around on a sphere even upside down.
for example a person walking on earth.
can someone please upload a blend file of this in the blender game engine?

Here is a blend:


DistanceConstraint.blend (135 KB)

yeah just like that! except i want to controll it useing the arrow keys and i want him to be able to jump, can u please do that and re upload?

Everything you need is in the blend Sunjay03 gave you. One of the best assets of a potential game designer is good research skills.

Just make normal controls. I just used an always sensor to demo.

i uploaded the modified version of sunjay03 's blend.
i can not get the character to fall after he jumps, can someone please help me do this and/or upload a blend of it. i appreaceate this because i need to make a simple adventure game before Monday.


DistanceConstraint.blend (138 KB)

maybe this thread helps?

sorry,my noobish mind is not yet compatible with python. =-(
all i want is for somebody to look at the blend i uploaded and figure out why the guy does not fall after he jumps.