Help! I Am A Super-Duper Newb!

I added a torus mesh then modeled it into a simple arch style entrance way, you know the Roman style architecture. I duplicated this two more times as I progressed into revising and changing one of them into a pointed arch to add a sense of realism for the structure I am building. But now they are grouped together but not listed as an active group. How can I fix this so I can duplicate/delete each one independently without acting on all three?

You haven’t supplied your blend file (why not ?) so we have to try and guess what your problem is.

Did you duplicate when in edit mode? If so then they are still all just one object. If you want different objects duplicate in object mode so you duplicate the object not the mesh.
If they are one object you can select all vertices and press P to separate as loose parts.

Also please use the correct forum. Support questions in the appropriate support forum !

When I press “OpenGL render active viewport” blender does not render but tell next: “Failed to create OnepGL off-screen buffer, unknown”. 2.68a and 2.69 versions - the same, I have ATI Radeon HD 3300 Graphics videocard, and device manager tell: “device work correct”. Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

Thanks, that did help. Now, one more thing. I provided my blend file as an attachment so you can better check out what I am talking about. I am trying to place the round arch doorway into one of the walls of the house I am creating (It is the one that is extruded on the y-axis and is entitled torus.001), and I want the take out the plane part that intersects with the wall so that it is realistically a doorway that a person can walk through. How can I do this? I remember doing in a tutorial some kind of “intersection command”, but cannot remember how to do it. Thanks.


untitled.blend (1.09 MB)

Boolean modifier or just cut hole with knife tool (K) or just manual model it

Alright, let me try that out now. Now, I am making more additions to my Doric-style columns, and need help with producing a top for my “echinus” object. I am attaching the file. What I saw produced before was essentially a dot vertice in the middle and lines protruding outward from this dot: Think of seeing a line drawing of the sun. The sun is the dot and the rays of light are the protruding lines. Another example is the Japanese flag (the “rising sun” variant - see wikipedia: search “flag of Japan”). Do you what I am referring to? I do not know if this is a modifier or just some modeling feature, or if you have another alternative to top my “echinus” off. Thanks.


untitled.blend (1.14 MB)