Help! i am going to fly with my Camera!

Hello, i am working at this project in my school, my whole class is making a real model and i made an in Blender.

I want be able to steer the camera like a game, so you can walk around in this big room, is that possible to download a script or do i have to write it on my own? If i got to i have a giant problem i can’t Python and i have to finnish this pretty soon…

Please help me!

Are you going to do this like a game where you use the keyboard (or something) to move your camera around and each time you do it it will be different?
Or are you going to do it like a movie where you set a path for the camera and each time you play it it will be exactly the same?


Like a game, so i can steer with arrows at my key board. 8)

Then there is no script that will do it for you, you just need to learn the basics of the GameEngine. Read threads 1 and 3 here:

If that doesn’t help you then ask this question in that forum.