Help! I am noob!

(JEDDEpro) #1


I’m not English, so sorry for my grammar if I am wrong. I hope you’ll understand me (I am new on this forum, so if I put this thread in the wrong place please correct me).

I know Blender for three years I think and I love making beautiful pictures with sunlights and shadows. Now I am curious about making movies. I saw ‘camera tracking’ and it looked very awesome! So I started watching tutorials and things, but now I have a little problem with the textures and I don’t know how to solve it. :confused: I made a small video walking in my room and I managed to put a minecraft flower on the ground. Everything is going fine, but when I render it the flower is completely white. In texture-mode I can see the blue and green texture… Can anyone help me?


(FloridaJo) #2

Maybe your lights are too bright.

(gardenrose) #3

I was thinking about same thing because when you shoot a video with bright lights, issues may arise. Most of the time it darkens the video.