HELP! I am trying to rig a charactor for the first time and it is nightmare

When I parent my object to the armature my character moves position. I set up my bones manually because when i try to use automatic weight it fails to find solution/bone heat warning.
Question1: what is the proper way to parent? If i am not using automatic weights what do I select?

Question2: What are reason for the error in automatic weight paint? I am using 2.8

First of all, when learning a new App, don’t use the beta version, you might face many unknown problem. So get a stable version, it will be smoother when you are following a tutorial( youtube is your friend).
Secondly when working in weight painting mode many things can get wrong, and that warning is a generic one. So better to upload the blend file if you really need help.

Finally when i look at my crystal ball i can see that may be your mesh origin and your armature origin are not sharing the same location. Here is a video on youtube i tried to help another Blenderartists user ->

Hope this help.

How do i upload the file so you can check it out?


I guess only one more month left to see finished Blender version 2.80,right?

Difficult to say, we have to wait … after homestretch may be? ->

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What do i do once i uploaded the file? how do you see it?

Copy and paste the link here :slight_smile:

What link?

I dont see any link on the paste all website all it has is the file uploaded but no link?

learn in 2.79 and aftear 3 to 6 month change to 2.80 … if you are a trained guy in animation, you can switch between 2.7x blender to the newest’s vertion with suitable and easy way… rigging is the most importan thing , more than renders, so I recommend you to study in in 2.79.

Something is wrong with my mesh because when i downloaded a basic base mesh model of figure the parenting/armature automatic wieght worked fine and I was able to pose my character.

I uploaded my blender file to but I dont see any link for anyone to check out my file

I see you have things going but this might help too , Im a rooky also and have been using this ,just have to import your model in an fbx or
dae and install it to your model ,or export the rig to an fbx and import it to your model ether way, it has been working very well to energize (my term)
my models don’t forget to Ctrl p use with auto weights, using 2.79b , if your using
makehuman I had the same issue and finally started making my models from another source as I could not make the makehuman model bind to the rig , hope it helps edit mode once you have the rig lined up right click the model it should have a bright gold outline ,hold down your shift key and right click the rig it will glow blue ,ctrl p auto weights and make sure you are in pose mode and the model should be able to be posed.

I even tried to see if i could animate my charctor using just a couple of bones to make sure the error wasn’t with my bone configuration i used just two bones and it still would not parent, i still get bone heat warning> i tred everything. recalculate normals, remove doubles etc.

Could my mesh be too complex?

Is there a way to manually assign bones to the mesh?

I have only been able to get things moving in a full rig.and joining the rig to the mesh. I am using a model from a build a bod blender page but it is an adults only not appropriate for work or children model I have a link in the other software section here on Blender Artist.

my face count is over 812,000

The url i got after uploading the file doesn’t look right??? and I really need help it been 4 days wasted trying to work on this and it’s making me want to give up using blender.

Here is the file if you still want to try and help. I think my mesh may be to detailed. Is there still a way to animate it?