HELP! I can't delete render material!

I have had this problem with LockToObject in the 3D window, render lights, now render material: If I add a render material I can’t disable it to go back to a normal render. There is no option to delete! I also set it to a material that I then deleted and saved, closed and reopened Blender ans its still there, won’t let me orphan the material! Please don’t tell me that my scene is trashed, please,

2.5 svn 29708 but this seems to happen with all older builds I have too.

did you try to first remove the constraint on it then delete it ?


I’m sorry I don’t follow you. This is the override material that you set in the render panel to make everything render with this material to make quick work / test renders. There is no constraint as I understand it, am I missing something?

I did find a rather unsatisfactory way around this - make a new render layer and uncheck the one with the render material

I don’t have a problem deleting the material.
Select the material name, press the delete key, press enter.

sigghhhh, the problem seems to come and go. Must be something to do with updating since I made a new render layer, rendered with it and only then could I delete that material name.

THEN I reloaded the original blend without the new render layer and couldn’t delete the name. THen I made a new render layer and rendered in it again and went back to the first render layer and couldn’t delete it on the first 4 tries but could on the 5th!

If anyone cares, you can play with the blend file:
(sorry too big to pack the background texture)


Tumbler_37.blend (638 KB)

then report it as a bug !

they will see if it is or not !


If it’s deleting Material.002 then I don’t have a problem with any builds
This one was with r29657. Tried it with alpha2, and even alpha0 and still works.

thanks for the vid and thanks for testing the blend on your system!

I don’t understand why this happens, perhaps its a conflict with stuff running in background. Very frustrating as its intermittent. I hesitate to say this is a blender bug (for all I know its my flash blocker on chrome running in the background for example). I appreciate others testing these strange problems just for this reason, if its a hit or miss with my system then its nothing the dev’s need to worry about!