HELP i can't install Mitsuba.

It told me to extract the zip file to the addons directory of blender so i did. So i went tot he user prefs and ticked the mitsuba box and rebooted, but now the final step i find mission impossible.

There is some kind of secret actual executable file that it needs to point to… But ive searched my entire pc for a mitsuba.exe or main installation directory and there is non. So i cant tell blender to point to the path, and if i click render i get an error that it cant find mitsuba…


Have you downloaded and installed the renderer as well as the addon ?
Just downloaded the renderer zip file from the Mitsuba website and it contains a mitsuba.exe file

update i think i may have found the secret hidden link on the deep web to the actual Mitsuba render… I maybe onto something here.

Not secret, there’s a link to the different OS installations on the front page of the renderers website which would be the obvious place to look

oh no ive really screwed it up now!.

I’ve messed around in blender telling it to uninstall the addon, and then i deleted the addon files from the folder.

And tried to start again, just with the addon, but ive made it do that thing where it cant ever find it. it now does not show up in the addons, it does not install if you click install from file and direct it to the zip.
And it does not work even if you reboot and do the same thing…
i can no longer install mitsuba. The end.

You know how when you go wrong with installing an addon… and you tell blender to remove it… then you go into the scripts folder in windows and delete it from that as well…

If you do that it makes blender confused and you can never again install that addon.
The only way around it is to download a totally different version of blender i found.

I had the same problem with Luxrender… i can now only use luxrender in a special build of Blender by scorpion.

Now if i delete all traces of mitsuba from my pc… i do the exact same thing i did before, (extracted the contents of the zip into the scripts directory, and rebooted blender. But now if i go to the prefs i get these errors… instead of just finding mitsuba i get;

Multiple addons using the same name found!
likely a problem with the script search path.
See console for details

Missing script files

mtsblend tick box ticked. ( unticking it solves nothing)

Any advice would be useful.

There should be c:\Program_something (depending if you have 32 or 64 bit windows), then there sould be /Blender somewhere around.
Under the Blender folder in Program_something there should be 2.75/scripts. This is one place to look if your addon is there (usually some kind of folder, could be a simple python file (ends in .py; you have to enable “Show Extensions…” in windows, if you do not know how, google).
Another place where addons end up is Documents/User/Local Settings/Blender Foundation/2.75/addons, something like this.
Depending on how and what you have installed addon might be in one or in both places. Delete related files, install again normally.
*** To see folder Local Settings you’d need to enable “Show Hidden Files and Folders”; again if you do not know how - google.***

For some of addons you’d need to run Blender as an Administrator because addon might try to write data near the folder it lives. As i get it, if that happens to be Program Files/and_so_on, your rights to write in there can be limited to zilch and addon will miserably fail (usually ending in cryptic error message not telling directly it can’t write data). In folder /User/Local Settings/ user should have more rights - data addon will try to write will be saved.
Hope helps or gives some ideas.