Help - i can't open my file

Hello everyone,
I have modelling ancient column and sculpted it but i increased multiresulation so much. When i switched object mode, Blender shut down and i did not open file again. My system configuration is low, can someone open the file and delete the multiresulation for me? I will be so grateful…
Here is a blender file: it is 36.6mb.
Thank you su much.

Selam Anıl,
I could only be able to open it in 2.80 version (Wasn’t sure if you’re using that version so I appended to 2.79). I deleted the multi-res modifier. Here is the file that hopefully works:
Unfortunately you will need to reorganize your meshes/collections.

I saw 52 million triangle at some point :exploding_head:

Selam Sinan,
thank you for your help, i’m really delighted. I have make a mistake while sculpting. I increased multiresulation double times because computer didn’t respond at that moment, then it crushed. I’ll bake low poly model after the sculpting, so i dont care the level of triangles.
Anyway thank you again.

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