Help! I cant remember where I got a metal library, then I lost it.

Recently I had found a really great Metal material library for cycles that was based off of the physical properties of the metals. I recently suffered a hard drive failure and unfortunately the last backup was the day before I got the library, so I lost the file. I forgot to bookmark the page and I cannot find it in my history either (both are stored by Google so I didn’t lose any to the failure). The artist used a custom Fresnel node to simulate the light interaction. I think it was called Metal.blend. It had, if I remember correctly, around 25 different metals. Does anybody know what I’m talking about? If you do could you provide a link to the source.
Thank you very much,

To Admin: I’m sorry for the double post.



I’ve forgotten to mention, I can’t find it with google, no matter which combination of “metal” “cycles” “material” “library” “blender” I used. Trust me I spent hours going through search results to no avail, which is why I asked the forum in the first place.

I found it, <sarcasm> thanks for all the help. </sarcasm>
for anyone intersted here’s the link.