Help! I cant save my runtime..

I tried putting the dll files in a folder and then saving my game as a .exe and also .app (i have a mac). but it just keeps saying “unable to save runtime”…i tried packing data and everything. I just want to try playing a game out of blender :frowning:

thankyou to anyone that tries to helpme!!

save the file in the exact same folder as blender binary, it should work then…

Also, dont specify the file extension, it should automatically do that for you

I was putting it is the exact same folder and I tried it with and without a file extension, it just wont work

i have blender 2.45 if that helps any

thanks for the reply though


make sure you chose “save runtime” and not “Save Dynamic runtime”…

sorry I am a windows/Linux user…

nvm…i found out this was a known bug for intel macs, it’s not just me

Sorry to hear that

It should work if you do it under Windows. Also, you can use the PowerPC build of Blender in emulation (although admittedly that causes its own share of problems). That’s what I had to do to make my Mac version of the Zark game.

ok guys, i solved it (kind of)

i have the intel version of blender and the power pc version of blenderplayer. works ok

i dont seem to need dll files though… why is that?

DLLs are a Windows thing.

I need to post something about windows in Off Topic…