Help, I can't texture paint for some reason. And blender seems to crash when I open the file

I followed a tutorial, I made it through and I was very happy with the result.
And I followed the tutorial to make vertex painting. Using decalls to add some cool detail on it.
I finished the decal painting and save. But then when I switch from texture painting to object mode, blender suddenly crash.
And on top of that when I try to open the file, either the file won’t open and crash blender or when I open it, and when I try to vertex paint again, nothing happen.
I use node wrangler, the texture is there, the mask are there. Everything should work, because it works in the first place. But now when I open it again the decalls disapeared and I can’t vertex paint.

I don’t understand, everything worked great in the first place. Is it a bug? Or that i tried to make the mask in 4k?
I need help.

Can you open a new blender scene, and then append the object(s) from the file that wont open?

Do you get any errors when opening the file, or does Blender just crash?

I will probably try to append I guess.
And when I try to open the file, it just crash. When i lauchn blender and when i open it, blender just crash and close. And even if I made a backup file, the texture paint doesn’t want to work.