Help I got Messy Meshs!

Modelling my Dino and the Subsurfed model looks quite good lit. But go and texture him and the LSCM is a nightmare. I think because I was modeling with the Subsurf on (of course), and switching it off shows up a lot of exagreated faces and overlaps. Very unnatural looking model compared to the nice smooth SS version.:confused:

What tips can you give me to minimise the effect of these degenerate Subsurf faces.

one of the tricks some people use is to smooth their mesh before uv mapping…

duplicate your mesh, select it all in edit mode, and hit the smooth button about a million times. If you haven’t modified the mesh other than moving verticies use the uv copy script to copy uvs back…

[you could also use vertex keys instead of duplicating the mesh]

Hey thanks for that z3r0 d, I will; give that a go. Do you know how the Smooth function works? I thought that it was a just a rendering effect, you suggest that it alters the actual mesh.

Like a lot of things Blender, I often wonder what a function actually does rather than the end effect that it has, as they can seem to be competly incoherent.

I think you are confusing the two smooth buttons Blender has.

There is a “Set Smooth” button under Link and Materials Tab (which is just a rendering effect) and “Smooth” button under Mesh Tools Tab. I believe 0ed is talked about the second one.

‘z3r0 d=0ed’, oh I get it! Anyway yes ,thats right I am completly mixing them up. Infact I didn’t even know that I had another smooth button!

Thanks so much for that Calvin.