help! i messed up the zoom of the buttons on the interface!

(Gr8RedShark) #1

I’ve run into a bit of a problem with the Blender interface and haven’t been able to find a FAQ relating…

I accidentally split the window at the bottom of the screen, the one with the edit buttons, material buttons, etc…
“no problem” I though “I’ll just join them again” but then when I did, the buttons were HUGE, and made it very awkward to work. I quit, and when I restarted Blender, the buttons looked proper… until I loaded the file I had been working on!

Anyone know how to fix this? The render button fills that whole view almost!


(sonix) #2

Hold the mouse pointer over the Buttons window, then use your + and - on the NUM pad to zoom as you would in the 3d windows.

This is relative to all windows, as long as your mouse pointer is over the window you want to zoom.


(S68) #3

The ‘Home’ Button helps too