help i need a some modelers for a animtion poject

hi blender artists i am doing a animtion project i an some poeple who can colaberat with me and model some seans for my animation preferbley some one how can model town and victorian styls city ctiys and fran type scense and interior modeling.

thank you for your time.

I think you are posting this in the wrong section. Work in progress is to show off work that you are doing. These kind of post also generally don’t go down well.

Good luck.

Well, the English/spelling is suspect; more than excusable if English isn’t your native language. :slight_smile:

Punctuation, however, is not restricted to English though; you manage everything without any attention to punctuation.

You want lots provided to you, but don’t provide anything of what you will offer in return. You want a portfolio, yet nothing here suggests it would be worth following up on. If you want folks to help you need to sell yourself and the project you are doing.

Take free models here