help i need a some modelers for a animtion poject

                         hi blender artists i am doing a animtion project i an some poeple  who can colaberat with me and model some seans for my animation  preferbley some one how can model town and victorian styls city ctiys  and fran type scense and interior  modeling.

thank you for your time.

What’s the pay?

Hi sharding00,

You need to provide more details, people’s time is presious and quite a few people post in this forum asking for a lot, when they offer very little in return.

  1. Maybe talk about your project and what it entails.
  2. Are there any benefits to the person helping? i.e. financial return, or something else such as publicity.
  3. If you are English speaking, try to correct your spelling and punctuation before posting, it looks unproffesional.

I’m sure if you follow this advise you would get more response - I imagine most blender artists want the opportunity to do some work if its worth it, I know I would.

Good luck :wink:

i dont know becousei dont urarn alot

What does urarn mean?