Help! I need to add a head to my headless rigify rig but nothing seems to work

So a while back I rigged a model using rigify in blender 2.8, and deleted the face bones, as it was way too complex for what I wanted to do with the character. Flash back to now, and I’ve spent hours making animations for the model, but would now like to add facial animations to go along with the body one’s I made. However, it seems that you can’t add your own bones to a rigify rig once it’s been generated. I tried adding face bones in edit mode but they have no effect, on the mesh, even after weight painting. Is there anything I can do? I’m ok with rigging a new character but I would like to be able to save the animations I made with this rig? Thanks so much I would apricate any advice.

If you still have your metarig just delete your rig and regenerate. If not just make sure your actions have a fake user set and delete your rig, add a new rigify rig. Position the bones and regenerate. Then you can just assign the actions to the new rig by selecting the new rig and then the action.

It worked thank you so much!

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