[HELP] I need to rig a character but i can't get it right [SCENE FILE PRESENT]

It’s from my current WIP project, i finally have some time to complete it but since i’m not an animator and i never spent time learning rigging, now i’m having problems, by using rigify and autorig i get parts flying off, distortions in the torso when i move the arms etc.


Here’s a lowpoly version for you to test with, any help is appreciated.

Then use other tools to tune your weights. Autoweights is a start, not the end.

Multiple separate meshes don’t generally get autoweighted well, and that’s probably part of what you’re seeing.

What tools? Weight painting, obviously, but also data transfers to copy weights, vertex weight modifiers to edit weights in other ways.

Thank you, is the model set up correctly for a decent rigging or should i change something ?

I don’t know, I didn’t look at it,.