help , I wanna make an animation for my GF !

hey guys my gf’s birthday is close, I wish I could give her an animation which would be about her, for example
there be a room or something and the camera moves then there is a photo of her on the wall and then a happy birthday music plays .

but unfortunately I never made any animation but I love to learn.

is there any way which you can help me ? like giving me a pre-made animation and I just put some photos of my gf in the animation ?

Try the Gimp forum - there is a really good tutorial there that I used for some small *.gif.

It’s so simple that even I could get it rollin’.

I think he means girlfriend, not .gif.

yeah I meant Girl Friend :wink: and also I wanna give her a 3rd animation, isn’t any pre-made animation outthere which I can modify parts of it ?

how much time do you actually have?

There are probably lots of animations with .blend files floating around the forums. The only two that I can actually think of off the top of my head are the two ‘big’ ones, “Elephant’s Dream” and “Big Buck Bunny”… BBB’s characters might make for a cute ‘happy birthday’ message, but that would be nearly impossible to pull off if you’ve not had much experience in animation or Blender in general…

The Blender Model Repository (click the name) will probably have some models you can use, you might have to modify them and if you want her name on something you’ll have to texture it… not hard to do if you follow one of the various tutorials out there for texturing or applying a decal with Blender.

I hope you have enough time to put something together.

Oh your right. I did think there was something funny there.

Anyways, a *.gif for a gf ?

Could it be done ?

Will it be done ?

its better to get her some roses.

gf = gif lol

We’re blender artists… we think of computer stuff well before social stuff!

I saw gif first, and seriously getting pre-done animations and passing them off as your work is really lame.

Dont know about animations (still working on that my self, im n00b ha!) But that room you described shouldnt take that long to model… like a rough job perhaps. how long you got anyway?