Help!? Ideally Dead

Okay, so I have a few Ideas (and this thread will support them as they go throughout the WIP phase)
but I think most of them suck so let me know what you think of the ideas, as well as critiques of any renders posted later on, and also some suggestions on how to make it better (if you critique, you must give ONE suggestion on how to make it better, because if your just critiqueing to critique, then take it to the critique thread)

First few ideas, and these can either be game ideas, or essentially all my ideas for a scene or something I would love to make

A windmill in a cloud. for visuals, the windmill is in a cloud on the lower right, with the windmill slightly facing viewer, and also slightly the center. Clouds are stratus or nimbus. on the upper left a tower, (lighthouse maybe) with a building next to it, floating on a completely seperate same type cloud. In the center is a single cloud as a sort of stepping stone between the two? Birds circle the windmill, and are off in the distance as well. all light is coming from an unseen sunset off to the right of the scene. the scene has a 200 Pixel buffer all the way around, where nothing will be placed.
For a skymap (as the background) I would use the Andrew price cloud map type thing for his earth, but reversed so that as the sun gets lower on the right, the sky becomes darker on the left…wonder how to set this up with Nodes for materials?
that image is a mockup of this first scene…as a question, does anyone know how to make clouds look like that?

2nd: A single lighting bolt, striking a tree on a stormy night in the center of the image, the horizon is at the center of the page. the tree splits in two, and as you lower, on the left the tree is in autumn, and leaves are falling off, on the right the tree is in spring, and its a beautiful cherry tree, with the cherry blossoms, blossuming perfectly.
also the left and right sides have respective scenery such as on the left for autumn, there are leaves on the ground, and it looks a little dry, and the right, there is flowers blooming, and a grassy field in the background.

3rd: An architectural scene, depicting a german streetway, with wondrous bridges, and odd towers, and cobblestone roads. I dont have much of a vision on this…

4th and last (but definately not least) my game idea… which will later be moved to the WIP thread in the Game area.

Name: Snowblind.
Character: A middle aged scientist named Chris Santon, kind of weak, and has sqaure rimmed glasses
Antagonist: Creatures unknown.

The worlds resources have deteriorated, and is causing the world to band together in a last ditch effort to bring peace to the world, and ensure humanities survival (big surprise there)

Chris Santon, of Burvez Street, Sarasota Florida (dont know if that exists) has lived a boring life as an astro scientist, with a great history in oil research, resource discovery, and graduated from an Ivy league college.
As part of the last ditch effort scientists are needed for this final mission of IASA (international areonautics and space association…formerly known as NASA) In a last ditch effort to save humanity and find resources to maintain human life (or a planet that has these things and can be mined)
the current planets that have been mined beyond repair? Venus, Uranus, and a couple others. this will be Earths first attempt to leave their solar system.

this is where we start the story. Chris Santon wakes up. It is icy, and is snowing everything is black, but he can hear these things, and can feel the cold (we can tell this by little ice lines on the edge of the screen, and slight shivering sounds) as he opens his eyes (of which you ever view out of) he can see powdery snow, and sunlight in his peripheral vision. he pushes himself up slowly, and pushes a hand off to the right to steady himself. you hear a ding of metal, to know that he has found something there of which he will be able to hoist himself on. As he stands he looks towards the metal, and you see Chris Santons face for the first time. (or part of it) He is wearing a full space suit, slightly more advanced but not much (as this is not far in the future) There is a busted part of his helmet, that allows you to see some hair, one of his eyes, part of his nose, and the upper part of his mouth. There is blood on his cheek and he has NO clue what is going on.
The player takes control, as Chris turns his view to the snowy desert (or plain if you will) around him. The first objective is to Find Warmth.

(one of the main Ideas of this game is to allow simple objectives, that are easy to remember, but also keep the player guessing)

the rest of the story continues where Chris spends 90 percent of the game just trying to find out where he ended up
(he is on Pluto by the way, which has been mined extremely much and is sodden with ice and wasteland, along with abysmal canyons, caves, and more.)
Pluto was said to be mined too much. So much in fact that no human could live there, space suit, space station, or no.
In truth, the government sealed it after discovering (on accident) that there are being still alive on this planet, and most are not friendly. In their attempt to close off this planet, they leave behind many miners (who have now gone crazy) and will also attempt to kill Chris as he partakes his journey. In the end he discovers that he is on planet pluto (as he dies OH NO!!!) and that the government sealed this place off. the only thing left of his story is a tape recorder where he records the entire story and is found years later by a news team, that finally finds out about this government cover up, and decides to have a look. (in the VERY beginning, you will start in a room with news castors, and the tape recorder, and they will say “This is all that was left” and then you start the beginning video as Chris.

as he goes through his story, you uncover memories of the wreck of his ship (which passed by Pluto way too close, due to Human computing error or HCE, and causes the initial wreck) of the press conference before he leaves earth, of his life, and of other things. In the end he discovers everything, and brings to light one of the biggest government cover ups EVER. Although he does die in the end.

On his journey, he meets 1 sane person, who is sane enough to kill themselves before they suffer his fate, and a lot of scary hallways, freezing tundra, and odd space suits and upgrades and weapons hes never seen before.

the genre of this game is the following
Horror, Sci-fi, MFPS.

also, i really want to keep the player confused until the end of the game.
the engine to be used is UDK
and models made in Blender.
also might use a little bit of Havok.
In short this is the workflow
Alchemy [Character design]
GIMP [Textures, bump maps, and more]
Blender [Mesh Creation, UV Mapping, Rigging]
UDK [ AI, Main Engine, and more]

and maybe
Havok [Physics Engine (MAYBE)]

Tell me what you think, as I try to get to work on my first idea!!!

I think I made this post too long T~T

I kinda got lazy reading it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well at least your honest… Right now Im working on number 1. if you just want to read number one and give me some tips? also I will post pics soon

Can anyone tell me of a good way to get the effect that the clouds look like in the posted picture above? Ive tried a few different ways, but the clouds never look good T~T

Also, I drew that.

did you try the cloud generator add-on?

yes the problem is I dont want the textures style, I want to get something like what I drew above, but every time I try the generator, it looks nothing like it…i want it to be a fantasy like cloud :smiley:

Your fantasy cloud looks like it could be made by using spheres (or cube n subdivide smooth), then using cloud generator, it’ll take some serious playing, but doesn’t everything…

yeah i know right, okay Ill give it a shot and post my result
actually…I think Ill model the buildings first… Ill post a pic of my stuff later tonight

ok i read the game idea, it was pretty good then i got to the part *the engine to be used is UDK
and models made in Blender.
also might use a little bit of Havok.
In short this is the workflow
Alchemy [Character design]
GIMP [Textures, bump maps, and more]
Blender [Mesh Creation, UV Mapping, Rigging]
UDK [ AI, Main Engine, and more]

but i whould like to help if u want help

i dont mind, i was just stating that as MY personal workflow, if you would like to help please do :smiley: I need a human model thats low poly (but not too much) so that I can start working on the look of my character…also he might be needing to be wearing a labcoat as part of his body (im not sure, first time doing game engine) but im assuming it would be better to have the labcoat as part of him?

Have you looked at this tutorial. It’s prior to 2.57, but it should still help.
BlenderCookie - Creating Non-Photorealistic Cumulus Clouds

thanks for that :DIll take a look