Help im a total noob!

:spin:I need a Network of friends that i can IM any questions i might have so that they may be able to help me. Anybody interested in maybe tutoring me?:spin:

Ahem… that is a wee bit too much to ask.

Start by, first of all, recognizing that you are in exactly the same position that everyone else here at one time once was. Then… start by following carefully the course that has been laid out for you by those same good folks: tutorials, an online Blender Wiki, and hundreds of other resources.

Be prepared for “the head explosion.” You will feel that you have just smashed your head against an immovable object. You will spend too-much time struggling against a particular something … and then promptly feel like a complete idiot. :spin: But if you persist, you will learn.

I frankly suggest that you start with video tutorials. Simple ones first. Put your hands firmly under your legs, “shaddup and watch.” “Don’t touch that Blender!” Watch it again. If you don’t understand what you just saw, “don’t worry about it!” Go watch something else. In the meantime, give yourself plenty of sleep.

When you are ready to “try something,” try the very simplest thing that you can think of. Go find a simple tutorial and try to do for yourself what they did, without looking.

Keep a journal. Write down (in long-hand, with a pencil…) what you did. When you have a question, write it down… then, let go of it. (You might not get your answer now, but once you’ve captured it you will never lose it, so you can come back to it at your convenience.)


i do agree with sundialsvc4. blender is tough to learn, but can be very rewarding. you need to apply yourself. if you want to PM me if you have a question, i will try my best to answer you. :slight_smile:
good luck!

hello therieau. I remember when i first started blender, my head fell off my desk trying to learn everything. here are a some tips:

1: learning blender wont be a walk in the park, and its not going to happen instantly, not even in a week unless you have prior experience with another 3d program. after a few months, you are probably just going to be mediocre at it, and not very top notch.

2: keep in mind, that modeling does take forever.

3: DO TUTORIALS. and i mean LOTS AND LOTS of them heres a wikibook that i first used when i started with blender (THIS SHOULD HELP YOU A LOT WITH GETTING STARTED):

4: also, get used to the interface of blender:

5: F3 saves your rendered image

6: overused composite nodes or post production effects ruin many blender renders, LEARN MODELING FIRST.

7: every time you have some question or problem, LOOK UP A TUTORIAL FOR IT. if you cant find a tutorial, use the ever so helpful BLENDER USER MANUAL:

thats pretty much what i can come up with for now. happy blending :slight_smile:

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