Help! I'm as mad as cloth!

I’ve been driving myself up the wall trying to get some decent collision between a character model and a softbody skirt. I’ve tried every method I’ve known of, collision hulls, spherical forces, rigging the thing and fiddling around with the values. The thing is that I’m particulary heavy handed when I do such things and I am in need of guidance.

Here’s the problem, when simulating, the softbody goes through the collision hull (which is on the same layer) - no matter how dense I make the mesh and reduce the error limit. I’d like to get a silk effect - and I know that Blender’s softbody feature isn’t particularly up to scratch (no insult intended) - and I’m not too bothered about self-collision (it’s not really needed).

I need to be able to have the cloth react reasonably well when the character moves (e.g. walking) - so it’s kind of essential that the cloth is able to do this.

Can anyone help me? I’m going bonkers!:stuck_out_tongue: :eek:

I don’t know if this is helpful, but the trick they used in Elephants Dream to control Proog’s jacket was to use a low-poly softbody liner for the jacket, which did not render, and to vertex parent empties to vertices on that liner, then to have the jacket itself rigged with an armature, and the IK target bones for parts of the jacket intended to move around were parented to those empties. That way you can let the softbody movement influence the clothes without some of the problems of making the clothing itself softbody. You also get a bit more control, if there are bad collisions you can easily fix them by hand after you’ve baked the movement, just by keying the position of those IK bones.

That seems to work, thanks!:smiley: :cool:

looks like you’d like to be a crash tester for that


I saw those new features in the CVS, they are awesome.

For deflection, I’d reccomend (from experience):