Help! Im pretty new to Blender! and having a rigging nightmare. It wont pose?

You said it will not pose? have you parented the mesh onto the armature? You would want to parent with automatic deform weights.

I have yes. But in pose Mode it will only move the bones?

Were there any errors following parent with automatic weights operation? Look for something about “bone heat failure.”

Hi, looking at your screenshot your mesh is very dense over 2.500.000 tris. this could be the problem.

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There are a lot of things that could cause this problem. As another post stated, having a lot of polys will slow your computer down to a crawl and it may seem like nothing is happening when you try to pose. Alternatively, it could be a problem with the parenting or weight painting. If you’re using third party addons like MBlab, it could be messing with changes you try to make to weight painting. If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend starting out with basic tutorials on animation and work your way up from there. If you start with humanoid characters, you’ll learn a lot, but get prepared to tear all your hair out just getting used to weight painting alone.

No error I’m afraid

How do I make it less dense? I’m very new to this


you haven’t really described your problem, so people are left to guess. Please tell us what you have done, in what order, and ideally share your blend file. You can share it privately (via direct message) with some of us if you’re not too keen on putting it out there publicly.

you can try decimate to make it less dense. But what you probably need to do is re-topology. You need to take higher resolution mesh and do re-topology for animation purpose.

I built the cowboy Mesh, Added a skeleton then parented with auto weights. When I take it into pose mode after that it does not pose, the skeleton just moves? I have tried to upload the file but its too big.

Use WeTransfer!AuEGsZ0qQDB1pD24exIRWntDuCRo?e=2AmmDI

Thanks. So, the character has no armature modifier. The armature modifier is how a mesh is bound to an armature to get it moving. Furthermore the vertex groups it does have (used to bind specific mesh parts to specific bones) are empty, so even with an armature modifier nothing would happen. Lastly, your character is indeed way too high res. You need to do a pass of retopology on it. Try to get it down to around 5,000 or 10,000 polygons. You can find plenty of info on this on Youtube, and even a few addons that’ll ease the process. Retopoflow I think it is ? Personally I usually do this by hand, anyway both are fine.

I recommend you take some time to watch tutorials on rigging in Blender, so that you get the basics. Then you are welcome to return here for help. :slight_smile:

Have fun !


Thanks Hadrien.
Ill get cracking! Lots to learn, think Im trying to run before I walk so really appreciate the help.