HELP, I'm probably stupid

All right, I’ve been looking at these tutorials where you have say, a face profile picture as the background image, then you either make a wire frame guide ( I tried, I don’t know how to work with bezier curves ) OR you can put a mesh object ontop and mess with it.

I decided to do the second method, but in all these videos I notice they somehow make the object kind o transparent, so I can see the background image behind that…I don’t know how to do this! I know it’s a very simple step but I can’t figure out how to make the image visible behind the object :frowning:
Please help, and excuse my noobieness.

Don’t worry, we all started in the same boat that you’re in.:yes:

What you need to do is when you are in edit mode, press the “z” key to change the way the model is viewed between wireframe and solid.

Here is the manual entry on the subject:

It’s under “View Shading”

I didn’t even know that there was a manual until earlier this year. It really helped me to understand what blender tools I have to use and makes everything sooo much easier in the long run.

Hope I answered your question. :slight_smile:

Like tuttt89 said … hit the hotkey Z to turn the view mode to wire frame (so you can see through the faces and only see the vertices and edges, what you are calling “transparent”) … hit Z again to go back to solid … hit Alt+Z to get textured view … Shift+Z to get shaded view … though in Edit Mode you only have the solid/wire frame views …

Also another useful tip is to use the H hotkey to hide parts of your mesh that obstruct your view while working … even in wire frame mode you can get confused and not be able to see through your model … Just select the parts you want to hide then hit H and they will disappear from view (they are still there just not visible/selectable) and hit Alt+H to make them reappear …

Yes and you should take a look at the wiki … hopefully it will help with your self image if you referred to it before posting what you consider “stupid” questions ;)… though really no question is ever that stupid …

Here is the main page :