HELP (I'm Sorry, but I'm Panicing Now)

I have things hooked up in the game engine, but nothing’s working properly. Before I added in the still/static pose for my game, the walk worked perfectly fine, but now it just doesn’t want to work with the static pose. When I test the game, the character is standing still swinging his arms back and forth, but when I press the up arrow key (which is suppose to make him walk), he freezes and doesn’t want to move no matter what button I press. Note: my computer doesn’t freeze.

Picture for Reference

What I want to know is what do I need to do in order for the walk and still pose to work, so that way when I press the up arrow, he’ll walk and when I let go, he’ll go back to swinging his arms.

I honestly am sorry for bringing up all these questions by the way.

The ‘priority’ for both animations is set to the same number so BGE is running the animation that was activated last. In your case, that is the static animation.

Try changing the priority for the ‘static’ animation to be 20. BGE uses a system where smaller priority numbers are more important than bigger numbers. So if your walk is 0 and the static pose is 20 then when both are playing BGE will use your walk animation.

Oh okay thank you!

another thing, check out the python template - gamelogic simple

this will turn actions on and off.

import bge

def main():

    cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
    own = cont.owner

    sens = cont.sensors['mySensor']
    actu = cont.actuators['myActuator']

    if sens.positive:


you need to either name your sensor ‘mySensor’ and your Actuator ‘myActuator’

or change the script to what the name of the sensor and actuator are named.