Help! I'm stuck!!!

i was working on a project for about 2 hours and it just crashed. the window is still open but its saying not responding on hte top. Is there any way i can save it before i close the window?

You can use your Task Manager(ctrl+alt+delete on Windows) to close it, then open Blender, and on the Splash Screen, click on “Recover Last Session”. It’s always a good idea to save your work regularly (ctrl+s) to avoid losing a lot of work.


i just did and it just recovered the project before that one -_-

You can look at your temp folder, where blender save its auto-save recovering file, and see when the last file was saved, eventually you can even open it through the console in another instance of blender.
Maybe your work is already saved there (or the most of it) and you can force quit it.

EDIT: too late…


how do i go to the temp folder?

It depend on which platform, in mac OS X the default location is at: /private/tmp/
In the Finder, ‘Go’ menu, go to folder…

But you can access it in blender from the menu File–>Recover Auto Save…

In Windows, it’s in, by default, AppData/Local/Temp/quit.blend.