Help! Imported image is pixelated in first 2 seconds of rendered animation

I’m very new to blender. I am importing several images and animating them along with text. Why is the first image pixelated in the first 2 seconds of the rendered animation? None of the other images are pixelated.

Is this when using FFMPEG to encode to mpeg2 or something like? That’s via the incorrectly named MPEG render option in the panel. :slight_smile:

I see this quite often when doing a quick hack of a encode don’t know why, bad defaults I guess, perhaps try tweaking them. I’ve never bothered trying to resolve it.

Hi Yellow. It happens when I’m rendering to H.264. It happens with both Video Editing PGN files and single file rendering. I did some experimenting and found out it’s not the images, it’s something in the program or settings. How and what do I tweak?

It would help if you posted the blend.

At the very least an image showing how it is pixelated.