help in applying a curve to a mesh

I already work some time with blender, but I still don’t know how to form a mesh or text to a curve and use it afterwards. e.g. I have a cylinderlike shape and want to apply a text so, that the text runs along the axis of the cylinder and the text is rounded at the heigth of the text, not along the lengt of text. I simply cannot do it, I have tried all 6 axis(+x - -z) but nothing looks like what I want.
An additional problem is that pivot point of the resulting mesh/text is somewhere in the wild, - I have not the slightest idea where - it is neither the center of the curve nor the beginning oder median of the text/mesh.
Can anybody help me, I am really mystified.


One way using the curve modifier, if this is the type of result you’re looking for


text_bend.blend (101 KB)