Help in creating normal maps through material edittor only

hello guys

If anyone can help me with a method to creat normal maps in blender 2.8 through material edittor because i got some bad results from a program called (Materialize) because it makes the edges of my normal maps in differnet colors so when those two edges meet eachother on a sphere to create it to be an orange like in the photo i got this bad line , i got it too when generated the bump maps but i got nice result using grayscale version of the color image only and no line seen from bump effect but i can’t make the normal map in photoshop because i didnt buy it yet so any solutions ?

For something this simple you can cheat. Here is a cloth cushion I just made:

I just use a texture and bump to normals. Dead simple.

thank you i will try to learn from it , i think for now i will go for sclupting and baking XD

Wow i found Gimp method has fixed it

simply adjust the scale like 10 times or even 50 times to get the result that u want