Help in Creating some materials (based on a photo)

Hi, i already modeled my object, in this case, a Dining Table. I also got a reference image so i can check what materials/textures to be used. But apparently, i have no luck making a texture similar in the photo. I know i can do it if i used UV Mapping techniques but in this particular model, i want myself to excel in procedural texturing and i think it is doable(<–is this right word for it? well anyway) but i just dont have the luck (and the knowledge) to do so. Here ill attached my blend file and the reference image. Hope someone can help me…

Image Reference:

Blend File:

this is a very special wood texture

try t find one picture for this wood type on internet

also check out the Blender CD for wood texture
i think there is one like that

and check this one too[/

hope it helps

happy 2.5


thanks for your reply ricky and sorry to mislead you, what i meant is the gold colors not the one inside the table i tried using color picker to get the color of it but when i applied it to the mesh it doesnt look like it, as for the wood texture inside the image(the brown-black colored surface) i have it already. What my problem is if i ever applied the colorpicked color from the reference image to my mesh, it looks more like a clay.

Here are some metallic materials you can use as a starting point