Help - In game Text with accents


I need to use text with accents in my game, like à é ã …
but using texture with bitmaps i can´t do it, any help please?

it´s possible to change bitmap font and do the connection with the letters with accents and keyboard inputs?

Many thanks
Ricardo Martins

I don’t think that’s possible Ricardo! Boa tarde btw. try downloading free portuguese TTF and convert them to bitmap. I have your very same need, so I’m curious to know the answer too!

I don’t know if this helps:

  1. ftblender download from this discussion

  2. and this discussion links to a graphical front end

I must admit I was not able to get them to work and since I only wanted to change the colours on my fonts, I finally settled on editing the bitmaps directly using this tutorial by Blendezo

yes it is posible… i!m doing this through the python script…

object["Text"] = "+ěščřžýá"

and it’s working

Thanks for the replys, i´ll try to change the bitmap font.

using python script like chäeMil said doesn´t works, can you send me the bitmap font that you use for text please?

Many thanks again.
Ricardo Martins