Help in Mentoring New Artists

I’m currently a senior college student taking up Game Art. Recently I’ve started mentoring my juniors on some general tips and tricks but since I’m not really a professional I think the things I might teach can be short-sighted. Since I’m using Blender to mentor them I would just like to ask what topics would be good to teach to aspiring 3D artists. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome :tada:

TBH honest this sounds a bit strange… if you are a senior student and now you teach junior students then you simply (only) can teach what was teached to you before and maybe some personal opionions which also should everytime “marked” as this.

Except maybe you have already some “insights” like for example:

  • Things have changed over time and everthing you make today may be called obsolete tomorrow, until this knowledge is used the day after tomorrow to develope something new.
  • Do not listen to people who tell you that there is only one way to do things, if they didn’t at least has given the context when or when not.
  • Do not listen to people ever at all who tell you that there is only one right way to do things(, because there is always one on the left :wink: ).

You may have to elaborate this to get a more suited answer.


This is actually pretty helpful, I have been teaching basic modeling techniques and getting familiar with the software as well as giving some tips to avoid the mistakes I did when I was starting out. I was thinking if there were more experienced people that can help me pass on useful blender techniques to make their lives easier.

But thank you so much for the reply, it is really appreciated!

Funniely enough such general “advices” like : “it depends” or something like that are actually very very true. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For beginners in Modeling I would focus on things like:

  • Basic Viewport orientation in order to prevent them from getting lost and discouraged.
  • Edgeflow is important mkay.
  • Low Poly Modeling of entire scenes, then go over to
  • material design.
  • most important modifiers (mirror, boolean, subdiv…)
  • Sculpting when there is still time

And in general, just advise them to grind blender tutorials like crazy. They can choose their own preferences and you judge the finished product.