Help: In Particle Edit Mode, How do I ADD hair so that it retains my last Added Hair Shape?

Hey guys, i was just wondering, How do I ADD hair (in Particle Edit Mode) so that it retains my last Added Hair Shape? I think I have accidentally done it before where If I click on the Add Button and click on the Scalp, the Length and Shape of the hair is the Same as the last Hair that I Shaped(Combed). I just didn’t know what buttons/options i checked.

I am not sure if that is what you want but have you tried copying the settings here? You just need to make sure you make a single copy of that not to mess up the other particle system you’ve created before.

Hello! You need to check ‘interpolate’ either on the header or the N panel while in Add tool in particle edit mode. I hope this is what you are looking for.

sorry bro. i know that. What I don’t know is in the actual Particle Edit. Where I Add another hair strand but it should have the same length and curvature as the last Strand that I Cut & Combed

like when i clicked ADD and clicked on the scalp it shouldn’t reset back to the Default Straight & Long Hair

thanks bro!. worked like a charm. exactly what i needed :slight_smile:


For the length you click there on unify length and then click on the strand to copy the length from.

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I think you know that already but i am saying it anyway. The interpolate works as you expect if you have only one shape of hair. If you have two or more it will mix the shapes in between.

Just to be sure.

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