Help installing blender

Hello. I have been using blender for about a month or so, and I want to reinstall everything, so it’s all correct. I also want to install WorldForge and Fiber, and Yafray. I am making a new post because i could’nt find the thread that had the answer. So in this topic, I am asking more for someone to point me in the direction (with links) to the topic(s) that will best answer my question.
RobGar 8)

what kind of OS?

I think to use those plugins, you will need an older version of blender. probably 3.6 or something like that, and python 2.2 or 2.3. you’ll have to check the threads for the plugins, and see which ones were made for which versions. also, it’s not a problem to have multiple installs of blender. just make a new folder within the main blender folder, and install into the new folder. I have several different versions of blender ranging back to 2.25 and I haven’t had a problem yet.
<edit> btw some plugins require an installation of python. see the thread in python and plugins called ‘setting your python path 101’. however, we just switched to python 2.4, and I don’t think there are any plugins written for the latest version of blender yet, so you may want to opt for an older version to use most of the plugins.