Help installing plugins?

I installed makehuman and the files to use with blender. But try as I might I cannot find any instructions on what to do with those files.

Apparently installing the files is so easy they dont come with installing software or how to’s! Just teasing.:confused:

I have MHssss01.blend and makehair.blend with hair.slx. I dont know what to do with them?

So, the mh… file is in a separate folder and so are the make hair files.

Any help is most appreceiated. Perhaps some links to instructions, somewhere?
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:,NFoglTkrzTnOpzFlI&sec=5329bf43586b372d12e06630c5a1b04e

That url is on makehumans site. It explains what to do with the hair files. So, I guess with any blend file you just open it in blender?

And if its a script, you run it, I guess.:stuck_out_tongue: