Help Installing Plugins

I am trying to install some plug-ins and scripts i found, and i’m having problems doing so. Can someone please walk me through the process?

I’m running Blender 2.49.2 and Ubuntu 10.04

thank you!


If you do not tell more, it is unlikely some one could give a relevant help. Give more details.

May a matter of version ? Are sure the plugin you want to install are for 2.4 and not for 2.5 ?

2.5 plugins will not work with 2.4

I’m just trying to figure out how to install plugins in general. The ones i found are all avalible for 2.4x so that’s not an issue. But, since i didn’t realize that there could be an issue with specific plugins, here is the list of the ones i liked.

Blender Analytical Geometry Vers. 0.0.5
Blender Mechanical Gears Vers. 0.0.2

Thanks for the help!