Help? Is Blender right for me?

I want to make pictures of FITNESS CENTERS (GYMS) with beautiful pictures that shows the floorplan and fitness machines in 3d.!!! Is Blender the right for me?

I can get all the models of fitness machines in 3d made in SOLID WORKS. Can the be imported into Blender?

I just need - in the easyest way possible - to draw the walls, doors and windows - then put in all the machines + other interiours like showers, toilets, reseptiondesks and more - then add lightning - and finally render this into a beautiful 3d pictures that almost shows the GYM as it will be when it is finished and open.

Please help me so I can find the right program for me. It does not matter if the program costs money as long as it is much easier and better than the free ones…

And what about animation?? Also possible to make a “walk through” inside “the gym”?

Please help as soon as you can.

And if someone can offer this service (Make the pictures and movies) for all the gyms we will open, I am open for hearing about the costs etc.


I think that in this case you probably should look at the various tools which are designed for architectural walk-throughs and rendering.

Yes, you will pay money for these programs. And yes, you should.

Your goal here is: to achieve a particular business result, quickly and inexpensively. In what is a classical “build vs. buy decision,” the only correct answer (IMHO) for you is: buy it.”

SolidWorks is a 3D CAD visualization product. In your case, though, you are not designing the equipment that you can find in a gym: you’re trying to express what a gym might look like when built.

A product like (and I literally pulled this off of Google, having no direct experience with it) “Arcon 3D” ( is designed to take digitized plans (or your own layout) and to produce an acceptable walkthrough. It’s a few hundred British pounds.

Now, please understand: I use Blender every day. But I am also a computer consultant who guides people through “build vs. buy” and other strategy/tactics decisions. (No, I am not plugging my own services here.) You want to achieve a clearly-defined business result, and you have the capacity to buy a thorough solution for considerably less than what it would cost to pay someone for half a day’s work. The shortest distance between two points, then, is “your wallet.”

Thank you so much for the answer.

Under you find examples of pictures (If they can show)
Also you can go to and and click “watch video tour” to se the “walk through” animation.

So if anyone can help me to suggest wich program to use/buy I will be very happy :slight_smile:

The looks easy and good enough… Can I import fitness machines from Solid Works into such programs?
Is it possible to render so it looks even more photorealistic?