Help! is there quick way to cut line on mesh

currently I’m working on delta region, there are a lot of river line, ponds,lakes on the terrain,
I’m using K(knife) to manually cut the line, some times I cut the line, then press Y to rip the mesh then scale it down to create the gap, , but still ,Im kinda on the fringe of doing this, because there are tons of line to cut ,is there any better /faster way to doing this without killing my self, !!!


Are you trying to cut along the edges highlighted in the image ? so that you can separate them into ‘face-islands’ ?

If yes, then use the split edge tool:-

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Trace your rivers and lakes in sectors with the curve objects, convert to mesh, make into faces and use booleans.

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One solution could be to isolate all the rivers in photoshop to make a disp map, then displace the river in blender. Then select the river and delete everything else, followed by a remove doubles.

Im curious to try this when i get home. Could you please link the original picture?

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thanks for input @DamianJ @Felix_Kutt

@FinalBarrage Thanks! its sounds legit.
guys appreciate the input, I figured there is new tool called ‘make line’ in 2.8, its really good for laying down the verteces and automatically generating the ‘face’

Show the vertices and the mesh under the knife, it is hard to offer a solution based on the first image.

I’ll put my solution here, if you are looking for qucikly draw out the ‘face’

-try ’ Make line’ :wink: tool in blender 2.8 !!!

essentially you can LMB click to put down vertices, it has option to automatically generating mesh if vetices is conneted!!!
-while you active the make line tool, the knife tool or other tool is still available.

  • Done! solved! again ,thank you guys for the input.