HELP!!Its the attack of the rubber arms!!

Hi folks, I have been peruzing through the archives but cnt find anything concrete on the issue,
The problem I am facing is when I move my armature, the mesh gets all flat in the elbow area, when I bend the arm that is.

Also, I cant decide what is the best way to attach an armature to the mesh, as far as weight painting, or using the distence and weight of the envelope option, the both seem decent, but I cant get a good result from either one,
any tips and techniques, and or tutorials, would be nice

some research into shape keys is in order, i used to have some sick links i could give u, but i lost em, i’ll find em for u, but in the mean time, learn about shape keys.

I know about shape keys, but how to apply them to the elbow, I have a good video by Eugene about makeing muscels, and I have been setting up my face with shape keys and drivers for them, but how do I apply this to the elbow?
I will study the idea, thank you I hadnt thought of that.

You could also 1) improve the topology by adding loops before and after where the elbow bends and weight paint 2) add a third bone at the joint and weight some of the vertices to that third bone (the loop for the joint itself) … If you want a more graphical explanation look for a post by Orinoco - I think there is a link in his sig to a test he was doing with this method 3) go to and download a SVN build with either the dual quaternion skinning and or the new mesh deform modifier … get a build with both if you can .

Do #3 if you want instant gratification :slight_smile:

this will help, but it may be easiest to try the dual quaternions first, before this method. Although it is quite ingeniuos

i’ve read pretty much every page on this website, and it was sooo worth it :slight_smile: good luck, let us know if there’s anything else

You guys rock,
Thanks for the tips, I am checking out the web site now Venar303 itis just what I needed