Help I've mucked up my meshes rotation point

I was having a go at modeling a human face by creating verticies on to a photo of a human face.

To start I added a plane, then rotated it to line up with my font view, deleted all the verts except 1 point then ctrl clicked to trace the font of the face, using a left view then moved the verts to the correct position on the persons side of face.

All good so far, created one half of a face and it renders reasonably well :slight_smile:

Added mirror mod… eeek! The mirror modifier is totaly out of alignment with the verts… the object X/Y/Z directions don’t line up with the faces drawn.

I can’t undo rotation because then the x/y/z reset and my face repositions in the wrong direction.

Is there anyway to keep the object in the same direction but modify its center X/Y/Z to point in a different direction so the mirror mod will work corectly?

Well you’ve not included any blend file or even a screenshot to show what your problem is I so cannot give you a direct answer to solve your problem.
Try Ctrl+A in object mode as a first step, then maybe comeback with more details of your problem.

Thanks Richard.

Nothing seemed to work in the end as I just couldn’t get the meshes mirror axes to line up correctly so I decided to start from scratch and do it correctly fom the get go as I am still in the early stages of using blender.